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Vital Weekly is an e-mail magazine, which appears 48 times a year and has the latest experimental music reviews and some news on concerts and festivals.

Vital Weekly, available at, is an online platform that serves as a beacon for those who are deeply invested in the world of experimental music. It’s an invaluable resource for artists, fans, and critics alike.

Founded by Frans de Waard in 1995, Vital Weekly has grown to be one of the longest-running internet-based music magazines. It has dedicated itself to the promotion and critique of a wide range of avant-garde sound art, including genres like ambient, noise, electro-acoustic improvisation, and microsound.

The website’s interface is simple and straightforward, allowing users to navigate through the wealth of information with relative ease. It perfectly aligns with the platform’s focus on content over appearance.

Vital Weekly’s cornerstone is its weekly digital newsletter. Each issue is packed with reviews of the latest releases, interviews with artists, and news from the experimental music scene. The reviews are thorough and insightful, offering a balanced viewpoint that can guide both seasoned listeners and newcomers to the genre.

One of the unique aspects of Vital Weekly is its podcast, which features samples from the reviewed works. This provides listeners with a direct experience of the sounds being discussed, a feature not commonly found in standard music review platforms.

Despite being a free service, Vital Weekly offers a depth and breadth of content that rivals many paid publications. It has managed to build and maintain a reputation for integrity and informed criticism, making it a trusted source of information in the experimental music community.

Vital Weekly is more than just an online music magazine. It’s a hub for exploration, discussion, and discovery in the realm of experimental music. Whether you’re an artist seeking inspiration, a fan hunting for new sounds, or a critic looking for informed commentary, Vital Weekly is a resource well worth bookmarking.






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