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Igloo Magazine is a treasure trove for fans of experimental electronic music. The digital platform offers a variety of features, newswires, profiles, and reviews, serving as a comprehensive guide to the latest releases and artists in the genre.

Recently, the magazine featured a slew of new releases. One notable mention was “fjirtich” by exm, self-released and carrying an intriguing mix of sounds. Another noteworthy release highlighted was “Theta Cadence” by Poborsk from the Kaer’Uiks label. Additionally, Sedatic’s “Rhea” from People Can Listen, and “Unity” by Demetrio Cecchitelli from ROHS! also grabbed attention.

Igloo Magazine also helps its readers discover new sounds through artist profiles. It recently featured a profile on iNFO, discussing the evolving sounds in electronic music. Inkipak’s signature sound and Gimmik’s “Analog Dream Plants” from Wave Function were also subjects of engaging profiles.

The magazine also hosts a variety of reviews, providing readers with insights into the latest releases. Recent reviews included feedback on “fjirtich” by exm and “Theta Cadence” by Poborsk.

In conclusion, Igloo Magazine is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in staying up-to-date with the world of experimental electronic music. With a wide range of features, profiles, and reviews, it provides a thorough overview of the latest trends and releases in the genre.

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