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  • Igloo Magazine

    Igloo Magazine

    Igloo Magazine is a treasure trove for fans of experimental electronic music. The digital platform offers a variety of features, newswires, profiles, and reviews, serving as a comprehensive guide to the latest releases and artists in the genre. Recently, the magazine featured a slew of new releases. One notable mention was “fjirtich” by exm, self-released…

  • Gear News (Link)

    Gear News (Link)

    Gear News is a website that keeps you updated on new gear. It’s good at covering some of the more unique stuff coming out from new instrument design companies.

  • The Janis Ian Archives Fund: A Unique Resource for Music History Research

    The Janis Ian Archives Fund: A Unique Resource for Music History Research Berea College, a unique institution known for its inclusive mission and work-to-learn program, is set to house a one-of-a-kind collection that will offer an unprecedented look into the music industry. The Janis Ian Archives Fund is a project dedicated to preserving and showcasing the life and career of Janis Ian, a prolific singer-songwriter and…

  • Vital Weekly

    Vital Weekly

    Vital Weekly is an e-mail magazine, which appears 48 times a year and has the latest experimental music reviews and some news on concerts and festivals. Vital Weekly, available at, is an online platform that serves as a beacon for those who are deeply invested in the world of experimental music. It’s an invaluable…

  • THURSDAY afternoon TALKS

    THURSDAY afternoon TALKS

    THURSDAY afternoon TALKS is a remarkable YouTube channel that garners music enthusiasts to indulge in a thought-provoking dialogue on various musical subjects. The channel is hosted by well-renowned music critic and composer, Jos Smolders and Frans de Waard, who is known for his avant-garde experimental music and renowned publication, Vital Weekly. Every other Thursday, a…

I went to sleep with the Reaktor manual under my pillow and this was in its place when I awoke.Dr. Kong Balong

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  • Discover Sounds Project #1: Decades of Echoes: Baneemy Revisited

    Discover Sounds Project #1: Decades of Echoes: Baneemy Revisited

    This project’s inception hails from the early Tapegerm days, circa 2001 or thereabouts, with a new twist for 2023 and beyond. Again we offer the original 21 loops culled from Baneemy’s double cassette album, The Walter Martin Cult, 20+ years later, for a new take on these sounds. The sample pack includes short loops of a…


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